Bill Murray | Uma entrevista dos Anos 80 em animação

T.J. English fez uma entrevista a Bill Murray para a revista Irish America em 1988. Agora, a Blank on Blank e a PBS Digital Studios apresentam a peculiar entrevista com ilustrações em cartoons de autoria é de Patrick Smith. Vejam o video e divirtam-se a conhecer a peculiar mente de Bill Murray nos anos 80.

Q: Was there a period like that for you, where things were a little out of control?
- Right now.

His outlook on life:
- You know I’m still just like a punk kid, really. I’m just an obnoxious guy who can make it appear charming. That’s what they pay me to do.

On his success.
- I know I could have been anybody. It’s just a weird, lucky thing, really. Could have been any actors there are a lot of actors that are a lot more talented than me at Second City.

On early deaths
- The attraction of the fast life is very powerful. Even today, I could go at any time. Something wild could happen to anybody. and I caution everybody that walks down the street, “settle your accounts before you leave the house everyday!”

On getting girls after fame.
- You can talk to girls more. They will talk to you. You don’t necessarily do any better, but they will talk to you.

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