Star Wars: The Force Awakens | O elenco fotografado pela Time

A revista TIME deu duas capas a Star Wars: The Force Awakens e um conjunto de fotografias tiradas por Marco Grob que incluem o R2D2 e o BB-8. Sobre este facto o fotografo disse: "The moment you meet BB-8, you almost build some form of weird human connection. It has this really cute way of looking at you…You just get about starstruck when you meet R2-D2." e acrescentou "for me, Star Wars is much more than only a film. Star Wars is hundreds of people who try to push the envelope. People who take enormous risks in creative and in technical aspects."

O fotógrafo suíço disse ainda "They try to do things we’ve never seen before in a way nobody would have imagined to ever see before. And for me, it’s incredible."

Adam Driver


Carrie Fisher

Daisy Ridley

Gwendoline Christie

Harrison Ford

John Boyega

Lupita Nyong'o

Mark Hamill

Oscar Isaac 

JJ Abrams

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