Henry Cavill + Scarlett Johansson | Huawei P9. Campanha

Scarlett Johansson e Henry Cavill são as caras do smartphone Huawei P9. O anúncio foi filmado em Xangai e na Nova Zelândia e o realizador foi Baillie Walsh.

Henry Cavill comentou: “I have a genuine passion for technology, so I’m excited by the opportunities created by the P9 dual lens. I’m impressed by the partnership of Huawei and Leica Camera in their engineering of a true high performance smartphone camera. They’ve done this and managed to package it into a fantastic device as well.”. Scarlett Johansson acrescentou: “The art of photography really resonates with me. It was exciting to see Huawei is partnering with the world’s iconic camera brand Leica to create the amazing device. I was delighted to work with Huawei on this project as I love the way it invites us to feed our curiosity and share new perspectives.”

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